22nd October 2022 with Flying Matt (Flying Cat + guest musician Matt Cudby), calling from Adam Hughes

Flying Cat

Flying Cat (Caro Appleby and James Rhodes) enjoy regularly dancing contra in various places around the country. They play for a variety of different forms of dancing, and for contra will generally be found playing piano and melodeon, playing tunes from all around the British Isles as well as further afield. They have a cat called Meatballs, named after the tune Meatballs, Whiskey and Beer.

A black cat sitting on a sofa, looking into the camera.

Matt Cudby

Matt Cudby plays guitar and is rather good. He has two cats, Penny (with the hat) and Indie.

A black cat wearing a pointy hat, looking grumpy.
A black cat looking worried.

Adam Hughes

Adam Hughes has been dancing contra in the UK and US for 25 years, and calling contras across the UK for nearly that long. He calls new and traditional dances from across the world with clarity, enthusiasm and a hint of mischief.