30th September 2023 with Nozzy, calling from Sally Vernon


Nozzy are a high-energy lively contra duo from Bath. With Ozzy on piano, and Nikki on fiddle and flute, they take music from pretty much anywhere and set it to a fun and danceable beat.

Sally Vernon

Sally Vernon has been calling for a wide variety of folk styles since her time as a student at Cambridge (longer ago than she likes to admit!) She aims to bring her favourite parts of contra to the evening - the fun of connecting with many people on the dance floor, the joy of moving in time to music, and the surprise of discovering deep patterns from simple moves. Keen to share her love of contra with as many people as possible, she strives to make a welcoming friendly environment that is comfortable for new people - while also enjoying finding things that are new to challenge comfortable people!

Sally Vernon smiling and holding a guinea pig.

Where and when?

This event is at the Stoneyard Centre. Doors open at 7:30pm, dancing runs from 8pm – 11pm.