18th November 2023 with Trip Hazard, calling from Lisa Heywood

Trip Hazard

Trip Hazard are Colm (misc hitty things), James (misc squeezy things), Robin (misc blowy things) and Caro (misc things) — a new and exciting bunch of experienced dance musicians with altogether too many instruments. They play tunes, but only the good ones.

"Trip Hazard": A warning triangle depicting a person falling over an accordion

Lisa Heywood

Lisa is a folk dance caller who started off in the ceilidh scene, but has a wide repertoire of different styles. Having learned to call through Cat's Calling Academy and Sheffield Ceilidhsoc she went on to co-found Bristol Contra. She now lives in Warwickshire and calls at a range of events across the country, specialising in inclusive dances for beginners.

Lisa, a white woman in her thirties with short brown hair and glasses, is wearing a headset microphone and standing with her arms outstretched. Musicians are behind her on a stage (blurred).

Where and when?

This event is at the Stoneyard Centre. Doors open at 7:30pm, dancing runs from 8pm – 11pm.