24th February 2024 with Workshop: "How Contra Works" with Bob Morgan and Charlie Turner

Flying Cat

Flying Cat (Caro Appleby and James Rhodes) enjoy regularly dancing contra in various places around the country. They play for a variety of different forms of dancing, and for contra will generally be found playing piano and melodeon, playing tunes from all around the British Isles as well as further afield. They have a cat called Meatballs, named after the tune Meatballs, Whiskey and Beer.

Bob Morgan

Bob is a calm, friendly and accessible caller. He's been calling for over 15 years for everything from full costume LARP events to kids birthdays. He aims to call in a calm, clear manner, (he's even been described as "suave" to his great surprise) matching his calling to the audience in front of him.  He aims for a varied and accessible programme with at least one dance leaving you going "wait, how did that happen?"


Bob Morgan at the mic

Charlie Turner

Charlie Turner has been dancing and teaching for as long as she can remember, but a move to San Francisco transformed her contra dancing and started her calling. Now based in Cambridge, UK, she brings the best of the West Coast to contra crowds, with clear, friendly teaching and satisfying dance selections. She emphasises connection, fun, flow and inclusivity in dance.

Where and when?

This event is at the Stoneyard Centre. Doors open at 1:45pm, dancing runs from 2pm – 5pm.