27th April 2024 with Trip Hazard, calling from Sarah Trop and Rob Humphrey

Trip Hazard

Trip Hazard are Colm (misc hitty things), James (misc squeezy things), Robin (misc blowy things) and Caro (misc things) — a new and exciting bunch of experienced dance musicians with altogether too many instruments. They play tunes, but only the good ones.

"Trip Hazard": A warning triangle depicting a person falling over an accordion

Sarah Trop

Sarah Trop is a lifelong contra dancer and energetic caller based in London. She is a strong proponent of a safe and inclusive dance floor, and her steady calling will guide everyone through her varied programs with ease.

Rob Humphrey

Rob Humphrey has been attending folk dance events his whole life. Based in Cambridge, he discovered contra less than 8 years ago, but was quickly hooked and started calling shortly afterwards. He enjoys contra dances with pleasing patterns and unusual geometry that flow and provide opportunities for embellishments.

Where and when?

This event is at Downing Place URC. Doors open at 7pm, dancing runs from 7:30pm – 10pm.